We also accept donations of books (any kind), sewing supplies, school supplies, and medical supplies.  
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P.O. Box 88 Landenberg, PA 19350

Telephone:  610.234.0088

Email:  office@thomascharities.org

International: P.O. Box 1597 Gulu Uganda

            Tel: 256-77-975-2247

Any donation is greatly appreciated and fully tax-deductible.

We are a 501(c)3 Tax-exempt Organization and Registered NGO in Uganda

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501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization, Registered NGO Uganda

Since 1998, the Thomas Family has supported the work of missions in Uganda.  After a first time short-term missions trip in 2010 to visit what they thought they had been supporting all these years through other organizations, it became apparent that there was a huge gap in both evangelism and mercy to the underserved - women and older children. Corruption was rampant,  Fake pastors, fake churches, fake congregations, sponsored children whereabouts unknown. But our God is Sovereign! We did not stop and give up. Instead we kept going back year after year increasing our involvement directly with the local people and listening to their life stories.  The extreme poverty, lack of food security, health care or useful education gave birth to Thomas Charities. In October of 2012 Thomas Charities became a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization. What began with simple Bible teachings under a Mango tree and a $15 grant for a villager to buy some traditional bee hives, the missions work has now expanded to the development of several agricultural initiatives, organization of mobile medical clinics, increased educational support to fatherless children and now provides Christian Education, Community Farms, Literacy Programs and Health Education in the rural areas of East Africa. In all we do, we teach the Word of God, the Hope of Christ, and Biblical principles. Thomas Charities comes alongside and partners with local communities and their officials to assess quality of life issues.

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From the individual to their family to the community we come alongside the widows, their orphans, their local schools, their villages, providing agriculture, school fees, textbooks, supplies, water wells, latrines, medical assistance, and the Word of God.

Thomas Charities is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to following Christ’s command to help the poor, orphans, and widows among us and to be ambassadors of Christ.  We are dedicated to empowering and encouraging those without the resources to help themselves to self-sustainability without dependency. Without education and national infrastructure, this can be incredibly difficult. Thomas Charities aims to help develop sustainable life skills within a community while discipling and teaching God’s Word.

"The poor you shall always have among you . . "

Grace. Faith. Christ.

         Bringing cleaner water to schools and the community