Esther's Testimonial

Currently 70 years old.

A Survivor.

Had a good life in the village. Nice compound with several huts.


Husband was educated at a Jr. Bible College.

Had 9 Children.

Had plenty of food - Maize, beans, cassava, chickens, goats and more. . .

Then came the rebels. . .

At first the rebels came for money, and then for food. When that ran out the family was beaten, including the children. They killed her husband.

Then the rebels came for her. They came daily to rob and rape her in front of her children as there was no one to protect her. Relatives would not help and she was told to stay away lest she bring trouble to them.

Then the rebels came and abducted her with child at her breast. Shirtless, she and baby were taken to the rebel camp where she was continually raped.

She was finally released but had nowhere to go. Everyone would go to the city, Gulu, to sleep at night but she and her children were chased from the safety of the hospital veranda and she and children slept on the street.

Three children were abducted and killed.

Because of famine, she finally went to the IDP camp and stayed there 8 years until government forced everyone to go home.

But what home? She and widows like her were taboo. The distrust and hurt runs deep. During the insurgency, neighbors and family members reported and betrayed each other to rebels. A generation of children grew up not knowing how to dig (farm).

She could not sleep at night. After all this torture you cannot have any happiness inside. It was now 2008.

"Thomas Charities has brought a big change now. It has brought together ladies who suffered. I got saved through the Bible conference and since then I am a Christian. I had problems staying alone but now I have friends because of faith through conference with other women. What I passed through thanks be to God. I pray before sleeping. I have changed. I was worried about life. God helped me survive. God is there for me. Many crops are planted. I can take seed and sell them. I sold my pig from the piggery and bought 2 goats. The goats produced 15 and I was able to buy a cow. Now the cow has produced a calf. It is great what Thomas Charities is doing. The women can share. The women never knew Christ and now they pray every week and appreciated what Thomas Charities is doing."

Thomas Charities now sponsors two of her many grandchildren who have no parents to the village primary school. The village school is supported by Thomas Charities in terms of Teacher training, school supplies, repair and maintenance of their water well and building latrines.

"I have changed"

"The women never knew Christ and now they pray every week"

Grace. Faith. Christ.