Grace. Faith. Christ.

“I am Margaret.  I am 54 years. I am not from this area. I belong to a different clan. I got married to a man from this area in 1974. My husband was killed by rebels in 92. We were staying in Koc Goma where the camp (IDP Camp) was. The rebels ambushed the camp and they took a lot people up to Koc Kaleng and killed them there. I hid somewhere in the hut. I have four children. We were not able to find him. There were a lot of dead bodies there. We did not have a chance to bury him.

The life that I am now rebuilding is through prayer. I have come to realize that is only through prayer that strengthens me and that is how I am taking care of the kids. They have grown up and I am struggling with them. I still am wearing my wedding ring. With this ring I am still keeping my promise. So it is sad now to take care of the children and then the children will take care of me. I will not get married again.

I came to know Thomas Charities through a friend who was one of its beneficiaries. My friend’s husband passed away from AIDS recently.  She is the one who gave me advice to go to Thomas Charities. They will encourage you and work together there. That is how I became a part of Thomas Charities. I am still farming.  I was with the first lot who worked with the piggery. For me, the changes are personal. Food is not now a problem. They always share. They work together. The children are the problem. They never went to school and once you miss the chance to school you never recover it back. And secondly staying in the camp brought a lot of other problems - some they produce a child at 16 yrs old not knowing who the father was. That is why our problem is always continued like that. [This is why there are so many children without parents. Someone will impregnate you and run away and leave you alone. Not even coming to find out if you conceived.] It is bad for children - I cannot get big money to send them to school. I am okay. My daughter had a child and left. My daughter's husband was killed for being a poacher. I am taking care of 4 grandchildren. The message I can give to people outside is you cannot be alone. If you are alone your head is filled with a lot of thoughts but I am now feeling better.”