We also accept donations of books (any kind), sewing supplies, school supplies, and medical supplies.  
Please contact us below if you have any of those item to donate.  Thank you!

Please send checks to the following address:

P.O. Box 88 Landenberg, PA 19350

Telephone:  610.234.0088


International: P.O. Box 1597 Gulu Uganda

             Tel: 256-77-975-2247

Medical Video and Request from Ugandan Doctor

Our Medical teams operate under the direction of Dr. Elisha Birikire who operates his own medical clinic in Busio, Uganda, has a prison ministry/soup kitchen, and has traveled over the past decade with the medical teams into rural Uganda.

Scenes From Past Medical Missions

A Mobile Medical Clinic can treat upwards to 4,000 patients in a two week cycle.  We team up with local Ugandan doctors and pharmacists, purchase medical supplies in-country, and partner with other medical personnel from around the United States to provide a much needed service for those who have no access to any kind of medical care.  Care is provided to all patients without regard to tribe or religion.  About 20 percent of our patients are Muslim.  Our mobile medical clinics travel throughout northern Uganda and around the northern slopes of Mt. Elgon.  

Each year hundreds of patients have to be turned away due to lack of personnel.  There is a great need for Medical Doctors, Dentists, and Ophthalmologists.  Any and all other medical backgrounds can be applied.  Don't have a medical background?  No problem.  There are jobs for everyone!  Please fill out the contact form under the "Get Involved" link if interested.

Mobile Medical Clinics Northern Uganda

Please fill out the Contact Form on the Get Involved page to let us know if you are interested in joining a team. Doctors, Nurses, Pastors, Accountants, Students, and Homemakers - all are welcome!

As you can imagine, it takes a significant amount of funds to provide the services.  

Any donation is greatly appreciated and fully tax-deductible.

We are a 501(c)3 Tax-exempt Organization.

How to Help

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